This month's pomade box is the biggest one yet. It is an all-water based box and features a full size of Lockhart's Water Based Pomade. Big thanks to the Lockhart's for helping to make it happen. We are always trying to improve the Pomade Box and one thing that you will notice that is different in this month's box is the ability to upgrade and add on bigger samples to your box!

The Pomade Box banner

Bryce over at Grandad's send us some awesome looking 1oz glass jars of their brand new water based pomade specially for the box. We also just got the new Reuzel Blue in so we threw that in as well along with others. In order to keep the cost of the box low, we thought it would be best to make these 1oz jars optional add-ons. This is great for people that may not really be interested in a particular pomade, so they wouldnt be paying for something they know they won't use or have already tried. We will expand on the add-ons in future pomade boxes.

A lot of you guys have been asking to be able to subscribe and receive Pomade Boxes automatically every month. We are currently working on a solution that may work but it might not be anytime soon due to our limited amount of brands and manufacturers that are currently participating. We are hopeful for the future of the Pomade Box program.

Speaking of the future, check out this concept of how the Pomade Box can look like in the future if it continues to grow.

Pomade Box concept

With enough support from manufacturers, you and your friends, we can expand and grow the Pomade Box into something more than just a box of samples. Huge thanks to everyone that has purchased a box and told their friends about it. We really appreciate it! be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news and also sign up for our newsletter below!

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