The pomade app

Over 1,200 downloads! Thank you to all who downloaded the app! The Pomade Club app has finally been updated to fix the payment and performance issues some of you had. Download the update for Android in the Google Play store or Apple App Store today.

The Pomade Club app brings you all the great products at available at a tap of a button. All items added on our website are immediately available for purchase on our app. With the Pomade Club app, you can be first to be notified when there are sales, promotions, new items, restocked items, news and more. You can also earn and spend rewards points, add/view items on your Wishlist, share products with your friends on social media, and much more.

What's New in Version 1.4
- Fixed Push notifications not working
- New Logos
- Fixed Payment issues
- Improved performance

Download for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad here

Download for Android here