Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone Matte Clay

Lockharts Matte Clay with a Fall seasonal scent. Based on the original Matte Clay formula with extra hold and texture.
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Fall is here. Fire and Brimstone Matte Clay is back! The Fire and Brimstone Matte Clay formula has extra hold and that sweet scent from Hell. Lockhart's has taken the original Matte Clay formula, added more wax for additional hold, and added Bentonite Clay for additional texture. Pumpkin scents are great, but men want to play with fire. Fire and Brimstone is a representation of the scent of the underworld. A place where demons lurk and ghouls haunt. Tortured souls forever burning into oblivion. So what does it actually smell like? Think of a burning fire pit with sweet top notes of charcoal and flames. It's unique, subtle, fresh, and masculine. You'll have to try it find out.
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