Pomade Club Maintenance Information

On January 11, 2018 we started a long and complex process of upgrading our website platform. Check back here for updates on our website upgrade.

This upgrade to our system will soon allow us to bring our customers many great and highly anticipated features including:

  1. Increased performance and security
  2. Better and more personal integration with our third party shipping provider
  3. Upgraded rewards system software
  4. Marketplace functionality
  5. Improved mobile website functionality
  6. More robust communications capabilities
  7. and much more
You may experience intermittent website interruption during our upgrade. We apologize for the inconveneince.


Below are current issues you may encounter on our website while we continue to work on it:
  1. Iphone/Adroid app not working (fixed soon)
  2. Links not working correctly
  3. Missing brand pages
  4. Bookmarked links no longer existing
  5. Password issues (please reset your passwords)
  6. Product sorting issues
  7. Missing shipping methods
  8. Changes to our shipping rates
  9. Out of stock items for extended periods
  10. Left navigation filters issues
  11. Website feeling "Incomplete"
  12. and more

Please contact us if you experience any problems relating to the above and we will be happy to help.